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Temperature Uniformity Survey

TQAero is software for Temperature Uniformity Survey, System Accuracy Test, Sensor Calibration Management Tools, and more...

Comply with AMS2750, CQI-9, BAC 5621 for NADCAP audits.

These standards require heat treatment processes to be validated by Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) procedures and System Accuracy Test (SAT) procedures.

Comply with ISO/IEC 17025 for IAS accreditation.

TQAero has drivers for this list of leading manufacturers data acquisition equipment. Get a Quote Now!


eurotherm 6000
fluke hydra2
Fluke 2638A

A Report in 2 easy steps

  1. ams2750 test specs 50TQAero is installed with a set of temperature uniformity survey templates. Select one and start a survey! Templates have pre-configured criteria and calculations for analysis of critical stability phase.

  2. As the temperature uniformity survey proceeds you can view progress and zoom into the chart. The report is already being built! When the survey finishes the report is there, you can convert to PDF, print or email it.

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TQAero will run on any computer able to run Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8.

Why choose TQAero?

  • You may have already discovered that finding a system meeting all the testing requirements for audit can be a headache!
  • We have worked closely with a number of audited heat treatment service companies to develop a complete solution that does the complex work from start to finished report, a simple headache-free process!
  • Our web site Support and Training section has simple brief training videos showing how to setup your equipment information and calibration details, how to prepare and make SAT’s and TUS’s, and how to handle the reports.
  • The reports contain all the required information. If you want to go further for your clients and make custom report sheets, special calculations, or special 3D views of thermal distribution at critical moments, this powerful system gives you the tools.
  • Our software works with Fluke data acquisition, Agilent, Eurotherm 6000 series, and many more. Don’t get locked into one supplier!
  • Our software controls the test equipment, meeting the requirements, and gives you full control over your data and reports!

What has TQAero got?

  • Use many leading brands of data acquisition equipment…Fluke, Agilent, Eurotherm etc.
  • Data Security with operator access controls and software audit trails
  • Test Equipment and Customer Equipment information and calibration records
  • Chamber (furnaces/ovens) records with schedules and limits auto generated from the latest AMS2750 tables
  • Sensor positions chamber 3D view with positioning, true 3D rotation, real time data display and color mapping
  • SAT forms generation and management
  • Data Acquisition Unit connection and complete configuration management
  • Test Instrument calibration automatic measurement correction features
  • Thermocouple or sensor calibration records with auto measurement adjustment. Includes reports and usage monitoring with alarms.
  • Standard TUS templates with calculations and limits and alarms. Fully configurable with graphical adjustments window.
  • Optional while TUS is performed log extra sensors for SATs. Enter SAT observations in convenient pop up window at any tim generating separate SAT tabular reports at same time as TUS.
  • Automatically generates full TUS survey report (options include charts, zoom in chart views, tabular data lists, thermocouple calibration report, 3D chamber sensor position views) with option to generate complete PDF
  • Reports can go further by adding PDFs, Word documents, Excel documents or TQExpress templates. Design your own cover sheets etc. with logos and company information. Data (eg oven ID etc.) can even be imported from TQAero records in your custom design templates.
  • All the above and more! Request a free 60 day trial link from TQSolutions Ltd..

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